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Himalaya Incorporation prides itself on the meticulous selection and utilization of top-notch raw materials in the production of our diverse range of products. We understand that the foundation of exceptional quality lies in the sourcing of premium materials. Here’s an overview of our approach to raw materials


Used in the production of films for its transparency, strength, and versatility.

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Employed in the manufacturing of foils due to its durability, printability, and aesthetic appeal.

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Paper Pulp

Utilized in the production of various paper products, including packaging materials, disposable items, and decorative paper.

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Various chemicals are required in our Chemicals Division for the formulation of specialty products and solutions.

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Inks and Dyes

Essential for printing and enhancing the visual appeal of packaging materials and decorative paper products

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Adhesives and Coatings

Used for lamination and coating applications to provide protection and enhance the functionality of products.

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