Himalaya Incorporation: 1990-2024

Himalaya Incorporation stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the manufacturing and supply industry. Founded in 1990 by visionary leader Kabir Sharma, our journey began with a commitment to delivering top-notch films, foils, paper products, and chemicals. From our humble beginnings in Mumbai, India,


1. Foundation and Early Years (1990-1995)

1990: Himalaya Incorporation is founded by visionary entrepreneur Kabir Sharma in Mumbai, India. 1992: The company starts its operations in a small facility, initially focusing on the production of packaging films.


2. Expansion and Diversification (1996-2005):

1998: Recognizing market demands, Himalaya expands its product line to include foils and introduces advanced technologies. 2001: The company establishes its first international branch, enhancing its global presence.


Innovation and Sustainability (2006-2015)

2008: Himalaya places a strong emphasis on sustainability, introducing eco-friendly alternatives in its product range. 2012: The Research and Development division is established, focusing on continuous innovation in films, foils, and paper products.


Global each and Recognition (2016-2020)

2016: Himalaya Incorporation achieves ISO certification, solidifying its commitment to quality and industry standards. 2018: The company expands into new markets, opening offices in Europe and Asia, and becomes a recognized leader in the industry.


Adapting to Challenges (2021-Present)

2020-2021: Himalaya Incorporation navigates the challenges posed by the global pandemic, adapting its operations to ensure employee safety and business continuity. 2022: The company continues to thrive, focusing on digital transformation and embracing cutting-edge technologies.


Future Expansion (2023-Onward)

2023: Himalaya Incorporation outlines plans for further expansion, exploring opportunities in emerging markets. 2025: The company continues to invest in sustainable practices, contributing to global environmental initiatives.

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